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Do you want to be a co-founder of our Reiger Park Business Incubator for               48 women in South Africa?

We have organized our II ONLINE DONATION PARTY to raise funds.

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The Reiger Park Business Incubator is a project among professionals of Barcelona, ​​Johannesburg and The Hague.

Since 2018 we have been working so that the community of 48 women of Reiger Park can launch their own business and personal project. Professionals and volunteers from Barcelona and The Hague participate by offering training in those disciplines they need more help with.

The collaboration is completely bilateral, since we are all learning business, training, management,

femininity, trust and teamwork, which are the key of our project.


 30 May Follow our event in streaming



Connect on May 30 to Mood Store Barcelona  (from 19 :00 p.m until 22: 00 p.m) and be part of an entrepreneurial project in plural feminine.

We will raffle one MOOD ring valued at € 255€  among all the virtual attendees who buy their advanced online tickets and attend the event.

Follow the event in streaming in MoodStore Barcelona 

Guests to the event

Co-Founder of Pislow Fashion Renting 

.Sheila, entrepreneur, and with a business project very applauded by the sector, is going to be the co-host of the event in which we will celebrate entrepreneurship in plural feminine 

Director de 30 minuts (TV3) in CCMA 

Carles, a journalist with a long career, will be co-hosting the event with Sheila. Passionate about Africa and spokesman for "Espai Àfrica -Catalunya for over 8 years. 


Vocalist of the Meteora group.      


We will have a very special singer who will accompany us with her music and her warm voice. An actress with her first film premiere by the end of this year.


Urban Poet.


Salva will delight us with his feelings, his expression through recited poetry, this time we will enjoy his poem "Quiero". "Do not crash nor stop, if you think I can, I can be so big

Entrepreneurs of Reiger Park Incubator and their projects. 


Reiger Park is a colored municipality located in Boksburg, in the Metropolitan Municipality of Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa. It was established as Stirtonville after the Second World War when people from rural areas sought work in the gold mines. In 1963, due to the separated development policy of the apartheid government, the colored population was transferred to Vosloorus, the Indian to Actonville and the colored one stayed in Stirtonville, then the name was changed to Reiger Park​


10,000 USD is the figure that the project needs to continue for 5 years (still to achieve the entire figure). This money is used to finance the rental of the 250m2 incubator, located in 383 Arthur Hobbs Road.


Reiger Park Boksburg Johannesburg (South Africa), and also to have internet access and for the payment of professionals who work for the development and execution of business projects. Training, physical meeting space to share experiences, all of it as being the key to our project

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Our entrepreneurs have very diverse projects, such as Gert Hartman who wants to launch an online store of handbags and bags made by hand.  Or as Ronell Hartman, activist for the acceptance of large sizes and mentor of the incubator.  Louisa Jesmaine works to create a flexible daycare in her neighborhood.  From the Foundation we offer them the tools and professionals to make their dreams come true.  We have already started some online and offline training. With all the money we expect to raise on May 30 we hope to cover the costs of the renting of the incubator for 2 years.

Thank you very much to our sponsors and collaborators for trusting us one more time



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"We are a close knitted community with not many sponsors but as people we have our own dreams and without funding or financing we cannot make it become a reality. "
Malisa Krelene Blignaut
Entrepreneur in Reiger Park
"Thanks for all support to   Coachability Foundation"
Karen Beneke
Entrepreneur in Reiger Park