• Sonia Martinez Llorens

Talk about us.The Advanced secretary (Chapter II)

These were moments of fears and doubts, in fact many doubts. And in this situation of uncertainty, the opportunity of a position of Secretary, nowadays known as Administrative Assistant, arose. She was happy because it provided independence, she was able to leave behind the ‘student weekly pay’ and felt lucky.

The years went by and she exceeded her daily tasks in the company, in fact she considered that this contributed to the future that she had imagined. Suddenly, one day, she still does not know how or why, her satisfaction began to wane and concerns arose that made her question the ideal future: was it really ideal?

She felt admiration for those women who stood out for their professional successes, admired their intelligence and envied their luck. But really, is it a matter of luck? Unexpectedly, a new horizon opened and she went back to university that started and saw beyond the ‘ideal future’ that she had recreated in her mind so many times.

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