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Talk about us.Intrapreneurship.

Actualizado: 27 de abr de 2020

Talk about us. Intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurship: Can one be an #entrepreneur working for a company? Of course yes! I like to break the molds and look for roads that have not been walked before. I think it is a #challenge to do things differently when there are already fixed guidelines or established ways.

Being a #changemaker in your company is very rewarding and often involves difficulties that require skills similar to those needed to be an entrepreneur such as creativity, seeking alliances and commitments, convincing and asserting your ideas and, above all, being enthusiastic every day, believing that things can be changed.

Promoting #intrapreneurship within a company creates dynamics with which sometimes, something that seemed impossible, begins to magically resolve.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀

Written by Virginia Méndez

About the author

If I have to define me in just one word, I would say curious. I like to accept new challenges to see the positive that the new adventure will bring to my live or just to keep learning. I have a long experience in Marketing and I’m currently at the CRM and Loyalty team at a university.

I’m passionate about the online world as it is a powerful development tool for small, medium or large businesses and it is #democratical, educational and self-taught.

Travel, live and work in South Africa gave me everything: a new vision of the world, the curiosity I mentioned and the capability to see new images to transform into words.

I collaborate with Coachability Foundation as a content writer and lecturer and I would like to be involved in millions of social and transformative projects, advising entrepreneur women in their online marketing strategies.

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