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Talk about us. Communication.

Actualizado: 27 de ago de 2020

Today I want to tell something over communication. All the people communicate all the time, whit words, with body, with silence. The question is that, sometimes, we are not aware about the message that we send to the world. To realize our personal message, and our own voice the best thing to do would be to reflect about you.

When you observe your way of thinking, your beliefs and your opinions, you can notice that usually you are not aligned with yourself. The most common thing with what we communicate, is that we tell a message with our words, and our body is explaining and expressing another content.

If we want to communicate properly, and we want to be coherent with ourselves, we need to pay attention in our words, our body and our internal dialogue. Then, when we speak we can observe our internal alignment with what we think, what we express and what we say.

It must also be said that to communicate what you think, in coherence with what you are, needs to be courageous.

In conclusion: hear yourself, communicate what you are and be brave to express it.

Written by Montse Ferrer i Masagué

Pic by Priscilla Du Preez

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