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Reiger Park Project : Ronell Hartman

💮One mother, entrepreneur and activist that I had a pleasure to know a few time ago. Ronell is one of our entrepreneur women in Reiger Park project. pay attention on her video, she has something to spread to the world.

"I am a plus size individual and has been this way most of my life, I'm a very healthy person and try and keep fit as much as I can, I am however aware of the dangers of being overweight and therefore I started the business Full-Bulous-Bliss in 2018, November.

The aim of this movement is to encourage plus size persons to live active lifestyles, to come out from their hiding spots as most plus size people feel ostracized and pre-judged, to challenge the biases that exists towards plus size persons, the aim is to get healthy and not skinny and to tackle the issue of fat shaming. ⁠

That is me in a nutshell.⁠ ⁠ ​⁠

💮 Ronell is looking for funds for her project . Donate. Check out the link

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