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Common Stories. Renaissance mentality

I met Tone many years ago in Barcelona. I was planning to move abroad… but I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.All my colleagues were in a different phase of their lives. Most of them got married, some of them were expecting a child, and some even were already parents.Tone is a free spirit ; she is always smiling. Even on crazy days when she cannot sleep deeply.The first impression I got when I met her is that she was an extremely straightforward girl. My mind and heart had been suffered for along time and I didn't want anyone to bother me again.In spite of everything, we connect from the first moment.

Tone speaks nine languages, some of them common like English, French, Spanish and German and Italian.But she speaks others like Hebrew, Catalan or Portuguese, that are not so usual to study.So, we have a lot of things in common: we are passionate about little things of life. and we are interested in minorities.Very often when people are interested in languages, their aim is to open new doors in terms of job or studies. But in her case it's different, she intends to understand the other from the perspective of the communication. How the other understands the world.

Definitely, she has a Renaissance mentality.

Tone, a norwegian woman who lives in Lisbon

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