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Common stories.Every woman wears sneakers...or not ?

Every woman wears sneakers...or not ? I have a mountain of sneakers in my closet. I never thought that it would be possible but it is. This type of simple shoes have connected women over the world.. I grew up in Rotterdam. When I was at school my colleagues were wearing serious and fancy shoes… you know that every girl is supposed to aim to be princess ¡ The princesses of my time dress sneakers always, at school, at home, at parties, while reading in the bedroom, making tea, chatting with friends, studying, climbing the highest mountain of the fairy tales... every time ¡ So, I decided to be a princess of the sneaker world. More comfortable. I could change my shoes whenever I wanted it. But the result was... I was left alone in my proposal. At the university everything went better. I met a group of women that hated formal shoes…. I connected with them from the very first moment. “Sneakers are welcome all the time ¡ Our feet want to feel comfortable” that was the slogan of their group. Of course I joined quickly. We have been friends since then. I never thought that a couple a shoes might connect so many women around the world. Always thought that "the others" didn’t tolerate my decisions. But I became mother. And my little daughter wants to wear princess shoes, so I have broaden my mind and respect her choices.

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