• Montse DomínguezMunllonch

Events : Comunidad Internacional de la Mujer in Barcelona

💮Last Thursday ( 5th of March 2020 ) Coachability Foundation participated in the event organized by Comunidad Internacional de la Mujer in #Barcelona

The reception and organization was exceptional and provided a space where we could listen carefully to #mireiamata and #meritxellbautista who shared with us their point of view and their interesting story responding to the questions raised by the attendees.

During the time of sharing with the other women who participated, we liked to meet women with drive, illusion who promote enterprises, entrepreneurship and business to make real what each one wants in their lives

It was a pleasure sharing with those women : Montse Ferrer Masagué, Montse Bordas, Mariazel Font i Roca , Lucia Galano Durán, Núria Cortés i Fusté, Sofia Rodriguez Reina and with many others whom we thank every day: mother, sisters, friends, companions, partners:


Written by Montse Ferrer

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