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Artistic Minds.Sonia Pulido, 2020 National Illustration Award in Spain. ⁠

Actualizado: 19 de oct de 2020

Artistic Minds. ⁠

Sonia Pulido, 2020 National Illustration Award in Spain. ⁠

The Catalan illustrator Sonia Pulido has been awarded this Tuesday with the National Illustration Award for its “wide trajectory at national and international level and for its versatility, which covers almost all areas of illustration: graphic novels, editorial illustration and advertising. ”⁠

⁠She is the author of more than fifteen illustrated books, covers, advertising campaigns, and graphic novels published by Oxfam Intermon among many. ⁠

Pulido has had exhibitions in specialized galleries around the world (La Fiambrera Art Gallery, Association of Ceramicists of Catalonia, ABC Museum, Pop-up Space The Soho Gallery, Gallery As you see me you will see, Espacio Sins Entido, House of the Province of Seville …); He has also developed a ceramic line in which he explores the narrative and expressive possibilities of drawing.⁠

Since then, their collaborations in the main national newspapers and magazines such as ‘El País’, ‘El País Semanal’, ‘Harper’s Baazar Spain’, ‘Rockdelux’, ‘Marie Claire’, ‘La suitta de Portbou’ or ‘Jot Down’.

In a three-dimensional support and of daily use, for some years, its presence in the most recognized and prestigious media of the international press (The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, AD France or The Boston Globe to name a few).

In addition, his work has been recognized in international competitions such as the Awars of Excellence Communications Arts magazine, Society of Illustrators, the Latin American Illustration, American Illustration, Junceda or the Young Illustrators Award.

Who is this #remarkable woman ? I am an illustrator, and I could not be anything else but an illustrator. Sometimes, however, I would turn my back on it all, and set up a small avant-garde flower-shop, ha. I am restless by nature. I need to try other applications of illustrations, this is when I discover the wonderful world of ceramics. The idea is to relate the illustration with a tridimensional object. The pieces should have functional or decorative purpose. Nature, the feminine, the symbolic are the issues developed in those many objects. The object and the illustration are made one for another, the intention is to look for simplicity, the essential, in the form and in the stories that the pieces evoke. And this in just the beginning. Anything is possible.

Congrats Sonia Pulido ¡ ⁠

Pic and credit by Sonia Pulido


Source by anayaelgallery.com


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